How much does a family lawyer make ? Exact Salary in USA [2022]

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How much does a family lawyer make;-Are you thinking of choosing a family law career and want to know how much a family lawyer makes?

If Yes, then you are on the right page. The job of a family lawyer is not too simple and fast, it takes a lot of education and degrees.

How much does a family lawyer make
How much does a family lawyer make

What does a family lawyer do?

Family lawyers are professionals who solve personal problems like divorce, child custody, adoption, guardianship and neglect proceedings etc. All lawyers want to help their clients, but family lawyers do it with emotional and personal impact.

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Eligibility to become a family lawyer

  • Candidates must have passed 10+2 and graduated from the recognised board with not less than 50% in overall scores.
  • Must have a decent score( in the law entrance exam of the desired college)/ score needed to take admission in the desired college.

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Note: sometimes there may be age restrictions which may vary from college to college. For this, you can check it with college exam policies.

 Pros and cons of becoming a family lawyer

Let us take a glance at the pros and cons of becoming a family lawyer.


  • Not difficult to find clients.
  • career satisfaction.
  • can start your own business.


  • stressful job.
  • emotional taxing.
  • Most of the clients do not spend enough money on a family lawyer. 

Salary of family lawyers

Divorce lawyer

  • minimum salary $25000-$60000/yr
  • maximum salary $68000-$80000/yr

family advocate

  • minimum salary $27000-$45000/yr
  • maximum salary $46000-80000/yr

family law professor

  • minimum salary $45000-$95000/yr
  • maximum salary $1lac-$160000/yr

family law advisor

  • minimum salary $50000-$70000/yr
  • maximum salary $70000-$90000/yr

Note: these are not the exact incomes of family lawyers but give an approx idea of their incomes.

family law books for Beginners

Family Law Litigation.

By: Steve Berenson

Solo by Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be.

By: Carolyn

The E-Myth Attorney: Why Most Legal Practises Don’t Work and What to Do About it.

By: Michael Gerber

How to Start & Build a Law Practice.

By:  Jay Doonbeg


A Family lawyers earn a decent amount of income and the average salary of family lawyers is $114,000. How much does a family lawyer make ? 

Q.Do family lawyers make a lot of money ?

Family lawyers earn a decent amount of money. The top 10% earners make between$150000-$200000/yr.
lawyers below this 10% earn between $45000-$66000.

Q.How much do divorce lawyers make ?

The minimum salary of divorce lawyers is approximately between $25000-$70000/yr and the maximum salary is approximately between $121,415-$680,000/yr.

Q.Is law school difficult ?

If you are passionate about being a family lawyer then it will be easy for you. But if you have chosen it because of peer pressure then straightforward it is very hard for you.

Q.Which state pays family lawyers the most ?

List of top 5 highest paying states for lawyers
New york :$165,600/yr
Massachusetts :$153,000/yr
Illinois :$152,000/yr
Texas :$150,000y

Q.What are the top colleges for family lawyers?

Top 5 colleges for family lawyers.
Yale University.
Stanford University.
Harvard University.
Columbia university.
Chicago university.

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